Blue Flower

Albert Lichten - Self-portrait - 1974 -  oil on canvas - 73 x 60 cm

Formerly student of Julian, Lhote , Goetz academies, it is at Grand Chaumière (nusery of so many renowned artists) that during the sixties Albert Lichten was taught by abstract painter Busse and by Roger Edgard Gilet, who was very fond of matter effects1. He did not deviate from his initial figurative orientation but he undertook to fight against his natural inclination for color, working in grays and yellow ochre range, leading to paintings like “Sitted nude seen from behind” selected in 1964 for Othon Friesz price and “Grand nu” (Bug nude) exhibited in 1966 in "Indépendants" show.

During his whole route as a painter, which had been like the oscillation of a pendulum, something comes to light, often abandoned and every so often resumed: expressing in figurative painting the elusive passing of time, and its unexpected arrest.

 Monique CHEFDOR


1 : He taught us the use of the medium he invented in oder to produce effects of thickness (Albert Lichten).


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